It turns out there are downsides to wearing a Slipknot mask. One of those is that it may make it a bit harder to determine the musician from the fan at a Slipknot show, as Michael "Tortilla Man" Pfaff discovered during the group's recent show in Guadalajara, Mexico when he was briefly detained by security who wouldn't let him return to the stage.

While it's not clear through the video posted why Pfaff was not onstage, as he attempted to reconnect with his bandmates, security stopped him mistaking him for a fan dressed like the band and grappled with him until members of the stage crew intervened and cleared up the case of mistaken identity.

The incident occurred during a breakdown in the song, with Corey Taylor telling the crowd that they needed to "get down on the fucking ground," but it was nearly Pfaff who was bound for the ground until percussionist Shawn "Clown" Crahan noticed and took interest in what was going on at the side of the stage.

Eventually, security relented, letting Pfaff free to hop onstage and resume his performance with the band as he shuffled around to his spot amongst the 9.

Footage of the incident was shared via a fan on Instagram, and Pfaff took notice making sure to explain that he was okay with what had happened. "I'm not doing their job! I was just trying to get to the Maggots that couldn't see me," said Pfaff, then signing off, "Maggots4life."

Slipknot are currently winding down their year with shows in Mexico and South America, but they'll be back on the road next spring with dates in Australia and Asia and summer shows in Europe. Stay up to date with their touring right here.

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