Seether have had monster radio hits this year with ‘Country Song’ and ‘Tonight’ off of their new album ‘Holding on to Strings Better Left to Fray.’ Now, the band is deciding on what track from the album would work best as the next single.

We caught up with frontman Shaun Morgan, who told us, “The guys were throwing something around with management and the record company and they kind of want to go back to doing a rock single for rock radio which might possibly be ‘No Resolution’ and then going to alternative radio or trying to go more mainstream with ‘Here and Now’ or ‘Pass Slowly,’ so those are just the ideas that are out there right now.”

He goes on to say, “I’m not certain how it’ll pan out but we plan on having at least two more singles off this album. Every album before normally had two or three; I’d like to see this album have more legs. I’m really proud of it and it really represents us as a band and the phase at our lives.“

Morgan adds, “It’s important to us, it’s been far more successful than any of the others and it certainly achieved a lot of milestones and goals. Ultimately I’d like for as many people to hear it as possible.”

'Holding Onto Strings Better Left to Fray' is No. 1 on our Top 10 Rock Albums of 2011 list. In addition, Seether received multiple nominations in the inaugural Loudwire Music Awards. Place your votes here.

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