For a lot of bands, the sooner they can record new music and get it out to the public, the better it is, and sometimes having a hit record can stand in the way of those plans. For Seether, however, the group is relishing their current success and don't want to shortchange the 2011 album 'Holding Onto Strings Better Left to Fray' in any way.

At present, the band has just concluded a lengthy tour with Nickelback and is now gearing up to headline the 'Triple Threat' tour with Sick Puppies and Kyng, which will take them into the fall and away from the studio now for well over a year. Plus, they may not stop there as there is talk of more shows being booked after 'Triple Threat' ends in October.

Bassist Dale Stewart tells Alternative Addiction, “It’s a funny thing when you’re out on the road and touring everyday. It’s almost as though you don’t have the inspiration on a day off or some free time to grab a guitar and write something. That’s really something we leave for after the tour; we prefer to take a little bit of break, maybe get a couple of weeks and really just remove ourselves from everything. Then you just feel it; you crave playing and that’s really when the best creative stuff happens."

As for the current record, Stewart is excited to see just how far it can go as they've already spawned three chart-topping singles off the disc and recently released their fourth single, "Here and Now.'

He adds, “I like the song a lot, it’s one of my favorites on the album and also one of the first songs we recorded for the album. I’m keen to see how it does over a year and what people think about it. But it’s sometimes hard to tell as a band member what songs are going to do well or what songs will be accepted by people. As a band you kind of have a bias … I hope it does well; the first three singles did better than we expected and if we could ever have a fourth No. 1, then that would be amazing.”