We've seen the stories on the news -- unarmed youths of color gunned down by police officers -- but how often have you rushed to judgment based on what you're fed by the news report. Seether are bothered by how many of these incidents have occurred due to pre-conceived notions and they've generated an interesting video idea in the process.

The band's new clip for "Nobody Praying for Me" is actually five separate videos telling a story from different perspectives, and showing that in a lot of these cases, there's more than one side to a story.

Vocalist Shaun Morgan states, "Our goal in creating this video is for people to educate themselves and make an informed decision on their own, rather than being told by any media outlet saying, this is what you should be thinking, this is what is right."

He adds, "The whole point is to try and shift the way we look at things and to not always leap to our pre-conceived conclusions, which is mostly racially and profile-based, because that’s what we get fed all the time. I’ve been guilty of it too. Its very unfortunate, and it’s getting worse instead of better."

The central details behind the story include a pair of police officers who have been on the beat for a good portion of their shift, a group of youngsters hanging out in the vicinity of a robbery after a night of partying, a bystander filming the arrest and two news reports on a shooting death.

Morgan and video director Sherif Higazy teamed up to shoot the pieces, which serve as an interactive video for the viewer. You are given the perspectives of Officer Holloway, the bystander and Jake, the young man who gets shot, as well as the sensationalized news reports as delivered by one liberal and one conservative TV station. The clip ends with the text: "Discrimination is everywhere, from the content we choose to watch to the narratives we choose to believe. It's critical to be critical."

Morgan adds, “There are always two sides to the story. In the video, Officer Holloway judges these kids before he’s arrived, but why? Again, that’s our point; before you make any snap decisions, look at the whole picture. Of course, we should be sympathetic to the kid who died in the video, however, it’s important that there is a dialogue where you go, ‘Hey, that cop looked like he was terrified. But was he too aggressive?’ Maybe. I think that we have to be sympathetic to and judgmental of both points of view.”

For now, check out the five different viewpoints at the website for "Nobody Praying for Me" or watch them posted in this article. And stay tuned for the non-interactive video with the clips streamlined into one video debuting tomorrow (July 1). Read more on this interesting video idea in Shaun Morgan's interview with The Huffington Post.

Watch the Five Perspectives of the "Nobody Praying for Me" Video Below:

KTSB News Narrative

Officer Holloway Narrative

Jake Narrative

Bystander Cell Phone Footage

CBNC News Narrative

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