At a recent Rockstar Energy Drink Uproar Festival tour stop in Michigan, WGRD 97.9 caught up with Seether, one of the bands occupying the tour's main stage. Frontman Shaun Morgan, drummer John Humphrey and bassist Dale Stewart weighed in on their latest album and the changes they see coming in the near future for the music industry.

The post-grunge trio released their latest album ‘Holding Onto Strings Better Left to Fray’ earlier this year. When asked how fans have been receiving it, Stewart said the response couldn’t be better, "It’s been really good, better than any album we’ve had before.” Stewart attributed some of the success to their longer than usual time between releases, saying, “We went away for awhile after the last album. I think being away for awhile left people wanting a little bit. We debuted at No. 2, which is the highest we ever had. We can’t complain.”

Having been a band since 1999, Seether has seen their fair share of evolution in the music industry and when asked about it, frontman Morgan was very open and honest saying “With record stores disappearing and people being more concerned about getting things for free, I think the industry is pretty much on its way out. It’s so easy for people to steal stuff so why pay for it if they don’t have to.”

Not that the band is complaining, when asked what the answer is to survival in our digital age, they said the answer was simple – “TOURING!”

Stewart went on to explain, “The whole industry is changing and you need to learn to adapt and change with it. There are all these social networking sites that are hugely important for bands now. For a couple of guys who started back when you had things like demo tapes, things kids today don’t even know about, it’s kind of hard to keep up with it.  He continued with, “You just have to get out there on the road and tour. People may be stealing the music but hopefully they hear a song that makes them want to come to the show. Hopefully they have a good time and leave with a T-shirt.”

Judging by all the Seether T-shirts we saw this year at Uproar, we’d say that’s a good bet!

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