As Brazilian thrashers Sepultura celebrate their 30th anniversary, a former member says the band should call it quits while a current member is talking about his favorite memories of the past three decades.

The band's former drummer , in an interview with at the recent Hellfest that you can watch above, was asked if he thought the current edition of Sepultura should split. Cavalera answered, "Yeah, I think (so). They're over. I mean, me and Max were playing stuff that we wrote together back in the days, and that's it. That's the roots there."

When it comes to him playing old Sepultura songs today, Cavalera says, "It's amazing. To play a song like "Troops of Doom" that we wrote when we were like 15, it's amazing to play."

Cavalera left Sepultura in 2006. His older brother Max split with the group back in 1996. The brothers are now in Cavalera Conspiracy together.

In an interview with Yell! Magazine that you can check out below, current Sepultura guitarist Andreas Kisser talked about some of his memories being in the band over the past 30 years.

"Fortunately, we have so many," Kisser says. "It's great to look back at thirty years and see so many beautiful things that happened with the band and myself personally. We had so many special shows, you know? I think the tour with Pantera was very special. The show with Black Sabbath in Costa Mesa in 1992 was amazing. Indonesia in '92 as well."

Kisser continues, "Recently, Rock in Rio Las Vegas with Steve Vai, celebrating 30 years. I think it is a very special moment now, to celebrate such a special mark, and the momentum that Sepultura is living today. So, celebrate now! (laughs)"

It doesn't appear that the Cavalera brothers will be reuniting with Sepultura any time soon. In addition to Igor's comments, in an interview a few months ago Max said he doesn't see a reunion happening.

Sepultura's Andreas Kisser Talks 30th Anniversary