Max Cavalera has done quite well for himself since leaving Sepultura, but the question of if he would ever return to the still-active band for a reunion still pops up from time to time. Recently, more attention was given to the possibility after Max's brother and Cavalera Conspiracy bandmate, Igor Cavalera, revealed his openness to the idea.

While on the Metal Wani show, Igor was asked if he thought there was the possibility of reuniting the classic Sepultura lineup. He answered, "I hope so, but there's nothing solid. The only solid thing right now; it's what I do with Max, and it's Cavalera Conspiracy. Like, the whole Sepultura thing; it's something that we don't know if it's gonna happen or not. To be honest, I really hope one day we can do this in a very cool way."

The comment caught Max Cavalera by surprise, and the frontman addressed the issue on Australian radio host Andrew Haug's online site. He explained (in the player above), "You know, I was actually kind of surprised because I thought the topic had kind of died out. I actually lost all kinds of hope for it. Honestly, today, I don't see it happening just because of how our lives are and how those guys' lives are. It's a pretty different world. We live in completely different worlds from those guys and I think it's not the same."

Continuing about why he thinks a reunion won't happen, the frontman added, "It won't be the same as the magic is gone. And I don't think a reunion would be the best thing for Sepultura. I honestly don't think it would. I kind of prefer it to stay like this and leave the memory how it was."

Cavalera says he's proud of the work he and his bandmates did while he was in Sepultura, but that he would prefer that people reflect on the experience by watching videos of the group as they were. But for himself, he's plenty busy with Soulfly, Cavalera Conspiracy and Killer Be Killed.

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