In a new interview, Serj Tankian shared how he feels about Sleep Token, Falling in Reverse and some other newer rock and metal bands.

The System of a Down frontman recently guested on The Jesea Lee Showwhere he discussed the media's use of subgenre labels within rock and metal for ease of classification, particularly nu-metal.

"It was strange for us because we didn't really feel like we sounded like... I mean there are elements I could see of nu-metal-ish type of stuff within our music... Not that there's no elements of it, but System was totally different, I think, than most bands in L.A. at the time," Tankian recalled of System being labeled.

"Journalists have to have boxes that they can fit things into so they can write the articles comfortably. It makes sense, logically. But I think we've always been an anomaly, not just for our scene but for rock bands altogether."

Since Sleep Token are a modern group that really pushes genre boundaries in heavy music and are difficult to classify, Lee asked Tankian if he's listened to them at all.

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"Yeah I have, I can't remember much about it, but it's very familiar," the singer responded. "I know I've listened to it, someone turned me onto it, but I gotta refresh. I haven't listened in a while."

He added that he's been listening to Polyphia and Falling in Reverse as of late, describing them as "really interesting."

"A friend of mine has been turning me onto a lot of interesting types of bands, such as those, and I'm really grateful," he continued.

See the full discussion below.

How Serj Tankian Feels About Sleep Token + Other Newer Rock and Metal Bands

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