Shadows Fall are gearing up to unleash their seventh studio record, ‘Fire From the Sky,’ which is due out May 15 via Razor & Tie Records. The band have just revealed an apocalyptic cover for the new album.

The doomsday picturesque artwork shows an individual on the edge of cracked pavement, looking down on a fiery pit that stands in the way of him getting over to the other side of a crumbling city.

Designer Aaron Marsh says about the cover art, “When presented with the idea, I wanted to deliver an aesthetic that would go beyond the "typical" or "assumed." I wanted to embrace a perspective and emotive value that could be carried with the context of the record itself.”

He continues, “While I knew this would be challenging and end up stylistic to one degree or another, I still wanted the viewer to get this overwhelming and brooding sense of chaos that could otherwise be imagined when putting themselves in that very scenic situation—supposing this record was the soundtrack to their own apocalyptic movie.”

‘Fire From the Sky’ was produced by Killswitch Engage guitarist Adam Dutkiewicz and is the band’s follow up album to their 2009 release, ‘Retribution.’ Shadows Fall is also gearing up for a spring tour with Fear Factory, go here for a list of dates and cities.