It seems like all our favorite bands have been releasing signature beers lately, leaving us with one major dilemma -- where do we begin?! A lot of these drinks are difficult to find or currently out of production, but if you're planning to shell out your cash for some suds, you should know which beer is worth your dollar.

For this list, the beers included must be the result of a collaboration between artist and brewery. Band members must have been a part of the creative process or allowed their band's name to be licensed for the product. This excludes drinks that have simply been inspired by musical acts.

There are plenty of quality beer review websites out there, but we've chosen as our compass. Although sites like Beer Advocate and Untappd are great sources to scout out a delicious, intoxicating beverage, has the most comprehensive library of rock and metal beers. The site's rating system is also the most complex, scoring drinks on an "Overall" and "Style" scale while using the Bayesian Formula to compute the most accurate rating. Each beer receives two ratings out of 100, which we'll add together for a final score.

Which beer will take the top spot? Find out as we present these 20 Rock + Metal Beers Ranked From Worst to Best, according to

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    Badass American Lager

    Kid Rock

    Kid Rock is responsible for this 'Badass' beer, brewed in the musician's home state of Michigan. Unfortunately, Badass American Lager has received an extremely low score on

    Overall Score: 1/100
    Style Score: 18/100

    Final Score: 19/200

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    Bastards Lager


    Motorhead's Bastards Lager may be the loudest beer ever bottled, but it apparently is not the best. The pale lager is brewed in Sweden and has a fairly low ABV of 4.7 percent, just 0.3 away from matching its Overall score on RateBeer.

    Overall Score: 5/100
    Style Score: 44/100

    Final Score: 49/200

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    When it comes to slapping a name onto anything and everything, KISS are the undisputed champions. As a result, it shouldn't be too surprising that KISS Destroyer pale lager received low marks.

    Overall Score: 5/100
    Style Score: 45/100

    Final Score: 50/200

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    Australian Hardrock


    For those about to rock… perhaps choose a different beer? AC/DC's own pale lager comes in a giant can, so if you're looking for Fosters-like quantity, bottoms up! However, if taste is your priority, RateBeer suggests looking elsewhere.

    Overall Score: 6/100
    Style Score: 55/100

    Final Score: 61/200

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    Sepultura Weizen


    Our favorite Brazilian thrashers Sepultura released their own beer packaged in an awesome faux amplifier. However, according to RateBeer, Sepultura Weizen succeeds in style, but not necessarily in taste.

    Overall Score: 31/100
    Style Score: 34/100

    Final Score: 65/200

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    GWAR Beer


    Your intergalactic lords and masters GWAR originally called their signature beer 'Impaled Ale,' but unfortunately, the brand was already taken. However, despite the name change, the late Oderus Urungus was proud to create a drink that causes humans to become mindlessly violent.

    Overall Score: 50/100
    Style Score: 40/100

    Final Score: 90/200

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    Razor Hoof

    High on Fire

    Three Floyds is one of America's best breweries, but Razor Hoof has garnered a rare lukewarm response from critics. Razor Hoof is a collaboration with High on Fire, leading to a saison ale with a fairly high ABV of 8.2 percent.

    Overall Score: 61/100
    Style Score: 30/100

    Final Score: 91/200

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    Trooper Ale

    Iron Maiden

    Iron Maiden's Trooper Ale is perhaps the most successful metal beer of all time. Having only been available for a year, over 5 million pints have already been sold. Despite it's popularity, critics have given the brew average ratings.

    Overall Score: 46/100
    Style Score: 48/100

    Final Score: 94/200

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    Black Tongue


    Mastodon have released two brands of beer, one of which is Black Tongue, a black IPA. The drink's overall score on RateBeer is very good, but its low style points dragged the average of Black Tongue down tremendously.

    Overall Score: 88/100
    Style Score: 49/100

    Final Score: 137/200

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    Faithfull Ale

    Pearl Jam

    Pearl Jam's signature fruit beer, 'Faithfull Ale,' comes straight from the famous Dogfish Head Brewery in Delaware. The band worked with Dogfish Head to create the beer, launching it to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Pearl Jam's seminal album, 'Ten.'

    Overall Score: 56/100
    Style Score: 88/100

    Final Score: 144/200

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    Kluskap O' Kom


    To celebrate the band's 30th anniversary, Voivod launched their very own bottle of suds. The inspiration behind Voivod's Kluskap O' Kom Spice/Herb/Vegetable Lager came from the band's 2013 album, 'Target Earth.'

    Overall Score: 77/100
    Style Score: 87/100

    Final Score: 164/200

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    Lips of Faith


    Clutch is the perfect band to complement with a beer. The band's Lips of Faith brew is an American Strong Ale with a 9 percent ABV. Lips of Faith has been a huge hit, showcasing pronounced hints of dark chocolate, coffee and black malts that bridge the sourness of its dark wood ale.

    Overall Score: 93/100
    Style Score: 73/100

    Final Score: 166/200

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    Iron Swan Ale

    The Sword

    Nothing quenches your thirst like a cold beer when you're being impaled by the Sword. The band's Iron Swan English Pale Ale is actually made in Texas, but is filled with beautiful English hops and perhaps represents Texas with the brew's mild spiciness.

    Overall Score: 78/100
    Style Score: 97/100

    Final Score: 175/200

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    The Hunter


    Mastodon's second entrant on this list is named after their fifth studio album, 'The Hunter.' The German unfiltered lager was first served to Mastodon while playing in Germany, reportedly leading to some joyous times.

    Overall Score: 83/100
    Style Score: 98/100

    Final Score: 181/200

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    Immutable Dusk


    Instrumental post-metal masters Pelican have some serious cred behind the beer taps. From the Three Floyds brewery, Pelican's Immutable Dusk Black IPA is an artfully crafted brew with a dark and beguiling flavor.

    Overall Score: 96/100
    Style Score: 89/100

    Final Score: 185/200

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    Amon Amarth

    You think Vikings don't drink beer??? Please… Amon Amarth love to wash down the blood of their enemies with a wonderful Imperial Porter dubbed Ragnarök. It'll definitely numb you after the battle as well due to the beer's 8.2 percent ABV.

    Overall Score: 99/100
    Style Score: 92/100

    Final Score: 191/200

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    In the Name of Suffering


    Eyelovebeer! New Orleans sludge pioneers Eyehategod and Three Floyds Brewery (who else?) tapped their creative juices to arise with In the Name of Suffering. The Black IPA is absolutely loaded with hops and malt, boasting a near-perfect score on RateBeer.

    Overall Score: 98/100
    Style Score: 96/100

    Final Score: 194/200

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    The Creeper


    Pelican strikes the list once again with yet another acclaimed brew, 'The Creeper.' Brewed by Three Floyds for Pelican's 10th anniversary show, the doppelbock edges even closer to a perfect score worthy of its namesake and brewery.

    Overall Score: 97/100
    Style Score: 98/100

    Final Score: 195/200

  • Three Floyds
    Three Floyds

    Toxic Revolution

    Municipal Waste

    "Municipal Waste is gonna f--- you up!" With their signature stout 'Toxic Revolution.' Touring isn't easy, but the boys in Municipal Waste carry cases of this stuff on the road with them thanks again to Three Floyds.

    Overall Score: 98/100
    Style Score: 98/100

    Final Score: 196/200

  • Three Floyds
    Three Floyds

    Permanent Funeral

    Pig Destroyer

    Pig Destroyer's 'Permanent Funeral' is the crown jewel of all metal and rock beers. With a huge ABV of 10.5 percent and a perfect overall score of 100 on RateBeer, the grind titans reign supreme with their Imperial/Double IPA. Thanks again to Three Floyds for this one!

    Overall Score: 100/100
    Style Score: 99/100

    Final Score: 199/200

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