SikTh are largely regarded as one of the pioneers of the mathcore style, which has risen in popularity over the last decade, also morphing into the new "djent" style of rhythmically progressive guitar playing. Having reunited in 2014, the band has finished up work in the studio and announced The Future in Whose Eyes?, their first new full length offering since 2006's Death of a Dead Day.

A stuttered, whirling rhythm opens up the track with rotary drumming, which comes to a halt with a push and pull attack that finds muted moments contrasted by frenetic lead playing, delving into a tapping section as clean vocals wash over the track. Spastic and unpredictable, this is SikTh in classic form.

SikTh vocalist and lyricist Mikee W. Goodman went into detail about "Vivid," explaining, "Lyrically, it is inspired by traumatic dreaming. The verses talk from perspective of being in the actual dream, where the choruses are in despair from an awoken perspective. The song itself has a lot of elements of both tradition and new SikTh."

Dan Weller, guitarist and producer, added, "Ever since SikTh was formed way back at the turn of the century, we've tried to self-improve as musicians and as songwriters. We take our music very seriously. This record feels like the one we've always wanted to make. We spent over a year writing it and pushed ourselves extremely hard — sometimes too hard. Opacities [2015 EP] was the rebirth of SikTh but The Future... is our statement. I want this album to define us. I don't care how over ambitious it sounds — we want this record to be heard by every metal fan on the planet."

Goodman, in turn, stated, "Personally, I feel this is our best album yet. From my point, I have written all vocals and lyrics. I have taken myself to some very dark places, commentated on this world as I see it. Also swimming into fictional worlds and dreamscapes. There are some beautiful moments. The band has made incredible music, brutal, technically warped mixed with some psychedelic moments. I think we've done something special here."

The Future in Whose Eyes? will be out June 2 on Millennium Night and pre-orders can be placed here. The album is also the first to feature new co-vocalist Joe Rosser as well as a guest vocal spot from Periphery's Spencer Sotelo.

SikTh, The Future in Whose Eyes? Album Cover

Millennium Night
Millennium Night

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