Earlier this year, British progressive metal extremists SikTh returned with their first new album in 11 years. The Future in Whose Eyes? has been met with both critical and fan acclaim as the band re-cements their place amongst a new legion of technically advanced metal acts. One of the album's highlights is "Cracks of Light," which features a guest vocal appearance from Periphery's Spencer Sotelo and a music video has just been issued to support the track.

SikTh's sound is already dominated by a dynamic vocal presence between Mikee W. Goodman and Joe Rosser as they trade off lines in a schizophrenic manner, employing a range of paranoid and comforting clean vocals and high, harsh shrieks. The addition of Sotelo furthers this dynamic as off-kilter rhythms collide with dizzying leads and spastic drum work.

The video constantly pans between clips of each member, falling in line with the sonic turmoil of "Cracks of Light." Alongside close-ups of the band is footage that begins to construct a loose narrative based off the lyrics, like "a beautiful lady" who approaches Goodman.

"I met up with Spencer in Manchester and we literally found a cloak room, put a white sheet up, and got the shots. Very DIY, but it looks great! I think it came out really well, the black and white vibe is cool," said Goodman about the video shoot.

The vocalist also commented on the fan reaction to the song, adding, "I have had a lot of positive messages from fans thanking me for the lyrics in this song actually. 'Cracks of Light' is a dark song but it does have a positive message. Inspiration comes from my own battles with depression and trying to find light through the darkness. Some days people have to go through such sadness to find the happiness. People learn a lot more about themselves in certain situations like this."

On the Periphery side of things, the band's lineup has been shaken up as bassist Adam "Nolly" Getgood announced his departure on Thursday (Aug. 3). He cited the lack of drive on the business side of things as a contributing factor to his departure and his entire statement can be read here.

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