Swedish female fronted metal band Sister Sin get together with iconic German songstress Doro Pesch in order to create a video for the cover ‘Rock ‘N Roll’ by none other than the legendary Motorhead. It’s just one huge European metal love fest.

The music video for ‘Rock ‘N Roll’ shows energetic performance clips of both Sister Sin and Doro rocking out for fans. The blonde and brunette bombshells show off not only their vocal range but their head banging skills. These ladies clearly love ‘Rock ‘N Roll’ and this video is a clear reminder of why we love it as well.

In a recent video interview, Doro shows her enthusiasm for both bands: “I love Motorhead, such a great choice and I love Sister Sin, we were on tour together many times.”

She goes on to say “I think Rock ‘N Roll is great and I’m so excited about it and I think it came out great.” Check out the hard rocking video below.

Watch the Sister Sin ft. Doro Video for the Motorhead Cover ‘Rock ‘N Roll’

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