It's been three years since New York death merchants Skinless delivered their assaulting comeback, Only the Ruthless Remain. They've set Savagery as the title of their sixth studio effort, a career-defining title if there ever was one, and have discharged the new track "Line of Dissent" right here at Loudwire.

Those familiar with Skinless know what to expect: a harmonious synergy of brutality and melody that intertwines like muscle and bone. "Line of Dissent" is a somewhat spastic track that finds the band seesawing between doomy tempos laced with ominous leads and groove-backed beatdowns with some thrashier nods, making this one born for the stage and the pit.

"Slip on your battle vest! Raise your metal horns high! Grasp your beer tightly and bang your head! Join the LINE OF DISSENT," comments guitarist Noah Carpenter.

Savagery will be unleashed on May 11 through Relapse Records and fans looking to secure this slab of brutality can pre-order the album at the label's webstore. For digital reservations, head here instead.

Skinless, Savagery Artwork + Track Listing


1. Savagery
2. Siege Engine
3. Skull Session
4. Reversal of Fortune
5. Exacting Revenge
6. Medieval
7. Line of Dissent
8. Cruel Blade of the Guillotine
9. The Hordes
10. High Rate Extinction (Bonus Track)

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