Velvet Revolver and former Guns N’ Roses axeman Slash is gearing up to release another solo album in 2012. He has been chatting up fans on Twitter and Facebook, announcing that he will have 18 full songs in the can when it's all said and done.

Last month, Slash tweeted, “OK, 13 songs ready to record. 3 already done. 2 more to finish writing before Dec. [There will be] 12 on the record, 6 bonus trx, Woohoo! Iii|; ).’”

Unlike Slash's 2010 self-titled debut solo album, which boasted vocals by Ozzy Osbourne, M. Shadows, Lemmy Kilmister and many others, the sophomore effort will feature Alter Bridge frontman Myles Kennedy on all of the lead vocals on the album. Kennedy also sang two tracks -- ‘Back From Cali’ and ‘Starlight’ -- on Slash's solo debut.

According to, Slash, Kennedy and the rest of the band -- which includes rhythm guitarist Bobby Schneck, bassist Todd Kerns (Sin City Sinners, Age of Electric) and former Theory of a Deadman drummer Brent Fitz -- have been working at Barefoot Studios in Los Angeles with producer Eric Valentine.

“I learned way back in March of 2010, when we did our first show at the Roxy, [and even] before that, when we were rehearsing, there was something that clicked with those guys,” Slash told Rolling Stone of his band. “It was just always a lot of fun, and I decided that’s who I wanted to do the record with."

In a video on his official YouTube page, Slash expressed his enthusiasm about the upcoming album. “All that camaraderie between the guys and that whole sort of chemistry of working together and putting in the time and really digging into the melodies — and I think on the finished record it’s going to show all that. I’m really f—ing excited.”

In October, Slash revealed three of the new album's song titles - ‘Halo,’ ‘Standing in the Sun’ and ‘Bad Rain' - when he previewed the tunes privately for TV/radio personality Eddie Trunk.

In an exclusive interview with, Slash said that “the album is slated to come out in March or April." Slash also tells “We’re ahead of the game at this point, so we should be fine. If anything could possibly happen, it would be May, if there was any kind of hiccup.” Slash fans hold on tight for an exciting year!

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