Slash has shared the track list for his upcoming solo album 'Apocalyptic Love,' which is scheduled to drop on May 22. It's 13 songs strong, but even with the doomsday romance title, the famed shredder is feeling positive and upbeat about the album (which is done except for a few stray mixes) and the prospect of touring. He just wants to get in front of fans and perform.

"I'm looking forward to going out and jamming the stuff live and doing what it is that I do best," the guitar god tells Several new tunes should find their way into the set list. He said that 'Anastasia' is likely to make the cut, revealing that it "would be killer for us to play live because it's probably the longest, most instrumentally adventurous song on the record. There's a lot of guitar in it." The title track is also a contender for the live shows, too. Slash shared that it is the first song the band did together.

The first single 'You're a Lie' is already storming onto radio airwaves -- check out our song review here. Slash reveals that vocalist Myles Kennedy penned the words to that song. "I completely left the lyrics to Myles. As far away from lyric writing as I can get, the better," he quips. "He's a good lyricist, so it's not an issue."

Of course Slash was asked about the upcoming Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction in April, but he was coy about the details regarding whether or not Guns N' Roses will perform. Foiled!

"It's just far enough away at this point where I'm not focusing on it at all and there's been no new news about what's gonna happen there," he says. Hey, at least he was honest.

April will be here soon enough. A few more weeks of burning anticipation about whether or not the original lineup of GN'R will take the stage won't kill the band's diehard fans.

In the meantime, stream 'You're a Lie' in its entirety over at, and check out the full 'Apocalyptic Love' track list below:

'Apocalyptic Love' Track List

'Apocalyptic Love'
'One Last Thrill'
'Standing in the Sun'
'You’re a Lie'
'No More Heroes'
'We Will Roam'
'Not for Me'
'Bad Rain'
'Hard & Fast'
'Far and Away'
'Shots Fired'