Because Guns N' Roses' legendary "November Rain" music video celebrated its 30th anniversary recently, we've been finding out some interesting things about what went down behind the scenes while the crew filmed it. Now, Slash has admitted that he feared for his life during the filming of one of its scenes.

Earlier this week, we learned what was up with that perplexing cake-jump scene — not who the jumper was, but why the scene was left in the final product at all. That part had nothing to do with Slash, but he did have a few iconic moments throughout it himself.

During one particular clip, the top hat-wearing guitarist scrambles to find the wedding rings for Axl Rose and Stephanie Seymour who were waiting up near the altar. Once he realizes Duff McKagan had them, he takes them and hands them to the minister, decides to skip out on the rest of the ceremony and waltzes out to perform a solo in the desert.

As he came through the doors, he apparently undergoes a wardrobe change, and emerges in a leather jacket and jeans, with no shirt underneath. It's hard not to look at the small details, but the mystery is what keeps it interesting.

Anyway, during the solo, director Andy Morahan says a helicopter taxied back and forth around Slash to get aerial shots of him playing in front of the chapel, which also helped create the wind-effects. But it scared the s--t out of the guitarist.

YouTube - Guns N' Roses
YouTube - Guns N' Roses

“[Morahan] didn't tell me that they were going to be doing bomb shots with me with a helicopter! And when I got out onto the set and did my thing, I noticed that this helicopter would come back and forth at extremely fast speeds and get really, really low,” the rocker recalled to Yahoo!.

“And I thought, ‘Well, this'll be my last day on Earth.’ … It was the kind of thing where you’re just resigned to the fact that you're probably gonna die. And at that point in time, I was pretty much had that [mindset] — I didn't have very much fear of death in those days. Anyway, we shot it and I had no idea what it was going to look like afterwards. But it ended up looking pretty cool. But I didn't know it was going to be as memorable as it turned out to be.”

Memorable indeed — one example where the guitar solo scene has been referenced in pop culture is Avril Lavigne's music video for "Rock N Roll," where she recreated it herself.

Guns N' Roses - 'November Rain'

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