In an exciting bit of news, former Guns N' Roses bassist Duff McKagan surprised fans everywhere when it was revealed he would be performing with the band for a handful of South American tour dates. With the return of McKagan, fans can't help but wonder about the possibly of other former GN'R legends sharing the stage with Axl Rose again, but during a new interview with Slash, the guitarist explains why it's "just not going to happen."

McKagan's current stint with GN'R began with current bassist Tommy Stinson's reunion with the Replacements. Due to the conflict of schedules, Guns N' Roses were left without a bassist, and thus, Duff McKagan chose to give South American fans a treat by manning the low end for GN'R. Check out footage of him playing with GN'R in Buenos Aires.

Duff McKagan and Slash remain close friends, but their relationships with Axl Rose are basically on two sides of the fence. "What Duff does is what Duff does. It doesn't really concern me," Slash tells TeamRock. "Duff's relationship with Axl is different to mine. That call to me is just not going to happen."

Slash continues, "I don't judge Duff. He's cool. He just has a way more amicable, neutral relationship with Axl than I do." [via Blabbermouth]

McKagan's April 6 return to Guns N' Roses marks the first time the bassist played a full show with GN'R since he left the band in 1997. However, Duff has played a few songs live with Guns here and there, including a 2010 London date and two 2011 North American shows.