Slash has spoken out in support of the #MeToo movement, but the guitarist also has some concerns about men being falsely accused of sexual misconduct. The movement has also caused Slash to look back and reexamine his past, he says in a new interview with Classic Rock magazine.

Since the #MeToo movement’s rise late last year, numerous musicians have been taken down by past accusations. Brand New broke up after frontman Jesse Lacey was outed for soliciting nude photos from two female minors, while Pierce the Veil drummer Mike Fuentes stepped away from his band after being accused of soliciting nude images from minors and sexual activities with a minor. Suicide Silence vocalist Eddie Hermida issued an apology after being accused of sexual misconduct, while a roast of Gene Simmons was canceled after a female reporter for Australia's Daily Telegraph spoke about lewd comments the KISS member made to her in the 1990s.

Though some accusations have led to convictions, such as the case of former Black Label Society member Nick Catanese, other #MeToo claims have been tested by the justice system and failed. After each member of Decapitated spent 96 days in jail following accusations of gang rape, all charges were dropped against the band. “Many people are falsely accused every day and the metal community is not immune,” Decapitated wrote in a statement following their release.

“I think the #MeToo movement is definitely justified; it's actually way overdue,” says Slash. “[It's complicated] in the context of being in a fucking rock and roll band. Fortunately, I'm taken, so I'm not dealing with all that, but I have to admit there were times I looked into my past and [as if he's talking to himself]: 'Well that was consensual.'"

The guitarist continues, "The problem is that you could be falsely accused of something, but it almost doesn't matter — it's out there. Even if you were to get your name cleared, the damage is already done. And that's pretty sad."

Slash Featuring Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators will release their new Living the Dream album on Sept. 21. Fans can already check out the singles “Driving Rain” and “Mind Your Manners.”

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