At last year's Revolver Golden Gods Awards, the night was unofficially dedicated to late Slayer guitarist Jeff Hanneman. This year, however, the Golden Gods were kicked off in brilliant fashion as Slayer took the stage for a surprise three-song set.

The awards ceremony was opened by Marilyn Manson. Shrouded in darkness, the 'Antichrist Superstar' paid a somewhat creepy tribute to the Rolling Stones and the Beatles, noting that both bands had been blamed for inciting violence in their time. In the middle of reciting the lyrics to 'Helter Skelter,' Manson suddenly said the magic word, "Slayer."

The thrash foursome, who were unannounced, took the stage and launched into 'South of Heaven' while inverted crosses invaded the stage. Slayer went on to unleash a forceful performance of 'War Ensemble' before treating the crowd to a brand new song 'Implode.'


Update: Slayer have made the new song 'Implode' available for free download. Click the button below to get a copy of the tune!

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