As two members of the Big 4 of thrash bands, Slayer and Anthrax each have tremendous followings. But with some recent lineup changes affecting both bands, the two legendary acts have decided to form one singular band known as Slanthrax.

The new outfit's lineup will consist of Joey Belladonna and Tom Araya on vocals, Kerry King and Scott Ian on guitars, Frank Bello on bass and Charlie Benante on drums.

The six-piece act is expected to announce a monster summer tour, in addition to recording a new album combining their biggest hits. The disc, titled 'Among the Blood,' will feature such songs as 'Caught in the Abyss,' 'Antisocial Ensemble' and 'Dead Skin Madhouse.'

In their first official statement, Slanthrax explained the union as follows:

While we know many metal purists might balk at the idea of Slayer and Anthrax forming one act, recent circumstances have led the two bands to unite. And the result couldn't be better! Get ready for some dual action vocals from Joey and Tom to go along with double barrel guitars from Kerry and Scott. See ya in the pit!

No dates have been revealed for the first Slanthrax tour, but it's rumored they might be playing the Rockstar Mayhem Uproar Slaughter on the Range trek this summer, followed by a headlining performance on the 70,000 Tons of ShipRocked cruise. Fingers crossed!