Last week, it was revealed that former Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo would guest on Sepultura's upcoming album. Now, the latest installment of Sepultura's studio diary features a brief video of Lombardo jamming with Sepultura drummer Eloy Casagrande (watch above).

Guitarist Andreas Kisser has been documenting the recording of the album as part of that studio diary, and talked about the progress they are making:

"I have 4 songs done and some of them with leads, we are doing song by song," Kisser writes. "After we finish the guitar parts we have a break for some food and when the night comes Derrick starts his vocals. He is doing a great job, the vocals sound very brutal and with a performance I have never seen from him, really deep and with full meaning when he screams the words, everything is at the limit, extreme energy and power."

Sepultura are recording the album in Venice, Calif. with producer Ross Robinson, who also produced their legendary 1996 album 'Roots.' In an earlier studio diary video, Robinson talked about the recording process (watch below). The album is expected to be released in October or November.

The band has also been working on an official documentary for a few years. A Kickstarter campaign did not raise all the funds they were seeking, but they are still working on finishing the film.

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