Slayer are packing it in this year and while it sucks for all of metal, it looks like the band is going to be giving us some pretty cool content as they prepare for the end. In the first video of a multi-part series, Tom Araya, Kerry King, Gary Holt and Paul Bostaph look back at the early thrash scene and what led to the formation of one of metal's most legendary groups.

Araya opens the video screaming "SLAAAAAYEEEER" and the clip quickly dials it back, recanting the circumstances the led to the band's original four members linking up after floating around in other bands. Before Slayer became a job, Araya and King were working dead-end jobs. After high school, Araya planned on finding full time work with the part time job he had the previous summer, while King described the rocky end to his employment at a mini golf place. After being told to cut his hair, he said "Suck a dick" and severed his ties with putting greens and miniature windmills for good.

Both Holt and Bostaph reflect on hearing Slayer for the first time. Holt, who was breaking ground with Exodus, was ecstatic. "They're just like us!" he beamed. Meanwhile, Bostaph was at a party while in Forbidden and heard Slayer blaring from a boombox from the other room. He made a beeline for the source of the sound and thought, "This just changed everything."

Watch the full clip above and to see if Slayer's farewell run is stopping near you, head here.

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