An incredibly exciting new musical project is beginning to take shape. To create the soundtrack for an upcoming documentary film about Phil Anselmo's 'House of Shock' haunted house attraction, members of Slayer, Exodus, Queens of the Stone Age and Amen have joined forces for a full-on sonic boom.

There have been countless "supergroups" formed throughout the history of rock and metal, but this project is a new breed entirely. When Exodus guitarist Gary Holt filled in for Slayer then-ailing guitarist Jeff Hanneman, Holt formed a strong creative bond with Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo. "Whenever Dave and I would get on deck for soundcheck, we'd go up there first and jam make up stuff everyday," Holt tells Noisecreep. "It just comes easy for us. We're both into being spontaneous and improvising. We probably have an album's worth of material."

Legendary producer Ross Robinson (Slipknot, Deftones) was self-admittedly blown away by the "fire, energy and wisdom" created by Holt and Lombardo, so when the producer was approached to help provide music for the 'House of Shock' documentary, Robinson immediately knew who he wanted to work with. "The first thing I wanted to do was tap into this energy between Gary and Dave," says Ross of the unnamed project. "And Casey [Chaos, Amen] has this amazing ability to do these amazing choruses and be so violent and ruthless at it."

Along with Casey Chaos coming in as another contibutor, former Queens of the Stone Age bassist Nick Oliveri became the fourth musician to join the collective. With such a unique lineup cemented together for the soundtrack, an obvious question presents itself: Will the diverse group form a new band and create their own album? Although both Holt and Lombardo are hard at work for new Exodus and Slayer albums, respectively, Lombardo keeps an open mind. "If we came in for two weeks of just riff-writing and another two weeks of putting it all together, we'd have an album that would throw people for a loop," explains the drummer. "They wouldn't know what hit them … I'm as proud of this stuff as anything I've ever done. It's phenomenal."

Stay tuned for more news on this non-monikered project and the tunes they're creating for the 'House of Shock' documentary.