Some very sad news received out of the Slayer camp. Armand Crump, the band’s long time guitar tech and by all accounts a beloved and talented guy, passed away yesterday (March 31). Although the cause of death has not yet been revealed, Slayer’s Dave Lombardo did comment, saying, “Slayer and the metal road crew community is mourning the loss of a hard worker and dear friend Armand Butts Crump III. He was the best; he had to be to work for Kerry King. I'm going to miss him f---ing with me from stage left. I still can't believe it. We are deeply saddened. RIP ABCIII."

Proving what a tight-knit group the metal community is, various musicians have been coming out of the woodwork to share their condolences and share their memories of Crump from Guns N’ Roses to Megadeth and everyone in between, each band having their own experiences with Crump and kind words for his family. Read the Tweets from members of the music community below.