Update: Kerry King says Hanneman's physical playing will not be featured on new Slayer album.

We've got some really exciting Slayer news to share with you fellow thrash fanatics. Since late 2013, there have been rumblings that Slayer's upcoming 11th studio album would feature parts written by late shredder Jeff Hanneman. Now, it's been revealed by Slayer that physical recordings of Hanneman's playing will appear on the upcoming full-length.

The first report of Hanneman's presence on Slayer's 11th album was published by Loudwire back in October 2013 after an exclusive interview with frontman Tom Araya. The Slayer bassist / vocalist spoke about many different pieces of audio recorded by Hanneman, but the band had yet to decide which pieces would be kept.

Now, in a new interview with Revolver, Tom Araya offers precise details regarding Hanneman's contributions to Slayer's 11th record. “Ever since his passing, it’s been like that -- just odd and strange, because he’s never gonna be there again, you know?” Araya begins. “Even when we were doing stuff without him while he was still alive, that felt strange. Yeah, I missed him during the process. But the way things turned out, I think he was definitely a part of it, even if he wasn’t there physically.”

Araya adds, “The whole process of this album started three years ago, when Jeff was still a part of it. There is one track on there that we recorded with him, that he did play on, which was completely done except we hadn’t finalized the vocals for it. So we were fortunate to have something that he had participated in.”

There you have it! Jeff Hanneman's final work will be heard! As for the album's progress, the mixing and mastering is currently being finalized. Slayer continue to contemplate album and song titles while discussing which of their 13 recorded tracks will make the record. Slayer are also in the process of finding the perfect piece of album art.

For the full Revolver article, pick up the April/May 2015 issue of the magazine.

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