Slayer's iconic guitarist Kerry King recently sat down with producer Prince Paul for an interview on the ‘Scion AV All Purpose Show’ and the pair got into talk about Slayer’s upcoming album, King once recording with the Beastie Boys and much more. Watch the interview above.

King said Slayer are anxious to get their new material completed. “You can only beat the old material so much, you know and then you got to have some new stuff to infuse in there,” explained the guitarist. “It’s fun to do that too, it’s fun to have new material to play because at some point you get tired of playing certain songs.”

The guitarist added a bit about their new music saying, “I think it’s business is usual pretty much. We’ve got fast material, we’ve got heavy material, we got spooky material so anything you’ve dug about Slayer historically you should dig about this record.”

King also shared a great story about playing guitar on the Beastie Boys’ ‘No Sleep till Brooklyn.’ He said the two groups were recording in the same studio in different rooms. Slayer was working on ‘Reign in Blood,’ with Rick Rubin at the same time the Beastie Boys were recording ‘License to Ill.’ King said Rubin offered him a couple hundred bucks to lay guitars down on the now classic song. He added that he needed the cash so he agreed to head into the studio for 30 minutes to record.

King recalls, “I went in and did the video and I thought that was a way to get Slayer’s foot step in the door of videos. ‘I’m in the Beastie Boys video and that’s gonna be huge.’” He said that when he was shooting the clip for the song the director told him a gorilla was going to knock him off the stage. The guitarist said, “That ain’t gonna happen, that just ain’t going to happen. So we did it the way I suggested and the gorilla is up there and I swack him with my nails and take off from there.”

In other related Slayer news, their ‘Scion x Slayer Mobile Amp tC’ car will debut at the upcoming Specialty Equipment Manufacturers Association (SEMA) show in Las Vegas from Nov. 4-7. The show isn’t open to the public, but the car will be on display at future Scion events. Check out a sketch of the vehicle here.

Slayer are currently in the studio with producer Terry Date. King said the as-of-yet untitled album should arrive in March. Check out a new Instagram slide show of the band in the studio at the bottom of this post.

The band will kick off their tour with Suicidal Tendencies and Exodus on a trek that launches Nov. 11 in Oakland, Calif. Dates can be found here.

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