Slayer's music is certainly meant to be consumed with an accompanying libation. So it's no surprise that the band has launched its very own brand of wine, much like Motorhead and AC/DC before them. The first beverage in the brand is Slayer Reign in Blood Red. The Cabernet Sauvignon from California is available solely in Sweden right now, so it's not like you can cruise on over to the local liquor retailer to nab a bottle for dinner. Yet.

Reign in Blood Red features dark berry fruits and spicy, oak flavors. What could go better with 'Angel of Death,' 'Mandatory Suicide' or 'Dead Skin Mask' than a nice, tall glass of Reign in Blood Red? It's not lost on us that the band chose red wine as opposed to white for its first foray into the liquor realm.

Rock band-branded wines are popping up with increasing frequency and it's a smart association, reaching the fans in a totally different way. Besides, what looks cooler on the table than a tall, sleek bottle of wine with a Slayer logo stamped prominently on the front of it?

Go here to check out more details on Reign in Blood Red and to order if you can't wait to toss some back.