We've got an exclusive video from Slayer to premiere for you all! In this new interview clip (watch above), the return of drummer Paul Bostaph is discussed along with Dave Lombardo's ousting and the "internet bomb" he threw Slayer's way.

"If Paul never quit the band, he'd still be here," guitarist Kerry King says in the beginning of the video, saying nobody ever really had a problem with Bostaph and he still doesn't know the reasons why the drummer quit in both 1996 and 2001. Frontman Tom Araya concurs, adding, "I don't think there's really any other drummer that can replace anybody like Paul can."

Paul Bostaph's return to Slayer and eventual studio sessions for the band's upcoming 2015 album, Repentless, came after a messy falling-out with Dave Lombardo. Slayer kept the details of Lombardo's departure quiet, but while the thrash legends were flying to Australia to perform at Soundwave's 2013 festival shows, Lombardo posted a lengthy account of his side of the story, including contractual issues and financial details.

King explains, "When Dave threw out the internet bomb and we were on a plane for 14 hours and can't respond to it, I landed wherever the hell we were in Australia; about as far as I can fly anywhere and not be able to respond to something, and then it's taken on a life of its own, so then you just don't respond to it because what's the point?" This acted as a catalyst to invite Bostaph back into the fold.

"I'm glad he's back, because that makes life easy for everybody," says Araya. "As opposed to try to work with somebody who never worked with [us]."

Check out the full clip of Kerry King, Tom Araya and Paul Bostaph above! To pre-order a copy of Repentless or various bundles, click here.

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