"The world can now come to an end," expressed Testament drummer Gene Hoglan upon witnessing a rare collaborative soundcheck jam featuring Alex Skolnick from his band with Slayer members Tom Araya, Gary Holt and Paul Bostaph. It wasn't just that this combination is killer, but what they chose to play was one of those moments in time that just had to be seen. The song choice? Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Free Bird."

"SLAAAAYERRRR playing FREEEEEEBIIIIIRD! The conjunction of all chants," exclaimed Hoglan in the description of his YouTube posting below. And he's right. Anyone who's attended a rock concert over the last few decades has likely heard an audience member shout out requests for either "Slaaaaaayer" or "Freeeeebiiird," which more often than not go unrequited by most acts. But for the lucky few wandering around prior to the band's show at the Warfield in San Francisco, they caught this impromptu jam.

Hoglan's video below is short, but allows the viewers a look from the side of the stage as Holt and Skolnick chat while lying down some killer licks and Bostaph goes to town on the drums during a peak point in the song. However, for those who want to hear the whole jam in full, Bostaph had his GoPro going and you get to see and hear the full "Free Bird" jam from the point of view behind the stage looking out in the player above. "I had a killer time jamming with these guys," stated Bostaph.

Slayer and Testament have been touring together with Carcass on board as well, but there's now a little breather for Slayer. They'll head off to Europe in late May for shows. Dates can be seen here. Testament will play Maryland Deathfest in late May before heading off to Europe for shows in June. Their upcoming dates can be seen here. As for Carcass, there are assorted shows scheduled throughout the summer that can be viewed at this location.

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