Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo issued an update on his experimental project Philm, which will release music via Mike Patton's Ipecac Records. While fans are psyched that Lombardo's other project is in the mixing stage, he did share an even bigger nugget of info about his main band, Slayer.

In an update to his personal Facebook page, Lombardo posted: "Slayer is writing a new record. Jeff is still recovering and doing better."

So there you have it. The loudest, most brutal band in metal is penning new tunes. That's like an early Christmas present for headbangers.

As for the second part of Lombaro's post, which is equally good news, he is referencing guitarist Jeff Hanneman. Earlier this year, Hanneman suffered from necrotizing fascitis, which sounds like a Slayer song title to us. Hanneman probably contracted the disease from a spider bite, and the damage is pretty intense and particularly nasty. He had to sit out tour dates, undergo surgery and skin grafts, as well as rehab. Poor guy!

Hopefully he'll be all better sooner than later and back on the road with Slayer.