Sleeping With Sirens just released their fourth full-length, Madness, on March 17. Loudwire caught up with lead singer Kellin Quinn and guitarist Nick Martin right before their co-headlining set at the recent Self Help Fest in San Bernardino, Calif., to discuss the band's new album, their world tour with Pierce the Veil, and what it's like to be on the road without your family. Check out the interview below.

Congrats on the new album Madness. How have fans responded to the new songs so far?

Kellin Quinn: I’ll say that the crowd response has been amazing. I’m starting to feel comfortable throwing the mic out during certain parts of “Kick Me” now. We couldn’t be happier. I can’t wait to play the new record and the new songs, I’m really proud of them. The more we can do that the better I’ll feel overall about myself.

Nick Martin: Overall, I think it’s great. We started getting some early reviews on the record, and everything has been a lot more positive than I maybe anticipated. Obviously, I love it, but you never know with critics and press and everything. But so far everything’s been really positive.

The scene has changed a lot since you guys started out, with you guys and bands like Of Mice & Men becoming more successful and mainstream. Can you talk about that?

KQ: I think that it’s a little bit of luck, but it just comes down to songwriting and trying to constantly evolve. That’s the biggest thing. When I was growing up listening to music it was 2004, when The Starting Line and Finch and The Used were kind of my favorite bands. And those are bands I look up to. I think a lot of younger kids look up to bands like Attack Attack! when they were big on the rise, that’s why I think there’s a lot of those bands that sound like that [becoming popular]. That’s why it’s important for us to constantly evolve and just write good songs.

NM: It’s about good songs at the end of the day. I think part of it, like Kellin said, is luck, it’s timing, it’s a million things. It’s a lot of small things that all add up to where we’re at now. It’s different for me because I came into this a year ago, but from an outside perspective it’s a culmination of a million little things to be able to do what we do at the level we’re at.

You’re playing Self Help Festival—can you talk about the bands that helped get you through tough times growing up?

KQ: The Used was definitely one of those bands. The Maybe Memories album I remember having and listening until it broke. I remember it skipped one day, two or three songs wouldn’t play on my CD player because I listened to it so much. That was one of those bands that definitely got me through a lot of the years of high school. The Starting Line was another of those bands. Anyone in the Tooth & Nail or Drive-Thru scene was my thing.

NM: It’s weird because Kellin and I are pretty similar in generation and age but I’m still a bit older, so for me it’s Blink and Rancid and Green Day, those kinds of bands. Being able to see cool punk rock bands be so successful while writing insanely catchy songs was what I wanted to do.

You’ve been on the road with Pierce the Veil for a little while now. What has that been like?

KQ: I really care about those dudes and they care about us. I think that we kind of got lucky with that song “King for a Day,” it kind of put our two bands together in the same light. Although we sound different in a lot of ways there is a lot of relevance there. They’re really nice dudes, they care a lot about their fans, and we look up to them. Hopefully they look up to us, probably not as much because we’re a little bit more crazy I guess, a little bit weirder.

What is the rest of the year like for the band?

NM: We’re breaking up as soon as the record comes out, so that’s our year. It’s been great. [laughs]

KQ: No, honestly just touring until I leave the band probably. They’re going to make me tour until I leave the band or kill myself. [laughs] It’s hard for a dude who has a family at home to always be on the road. This tour has been a little bit tough because my family came out for the Portland show right at the beginning, but for the rest of the tour I didn’t see them. So it was a little bit harder this time around. Anytime we headline I pretty much require two days during the tour for me to go home and spend some time with them. As long as I can spend some time at home I can come back out here.

Speaking of that, what has it been like touring now that you have a family? 

KQ: My daughter hates me right now, she won’t say I love you to me on Facetime. Sometimes I’ll Facetime her and say “Hey Copey,” and she’ll go, “Nope.” And I’m not even kidding you, she’s 2 and she already hates me. So I’ve got to go home, and snuggle her and hang out.

Our thanks to Kellin Quinn and Nick Martin for the interview. Pick up the new Sleeping With Sirens album 'Madness' now.

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