'Off the Record' is a video series where we ask artists questions about anything with one exception: No questions about music. This is your chance to peer behind the music and into the daily lives these artists lead outside of their profession. Topics range from good eats (last meals, ice cream) to mischief (dumbest thing done in the name of fun, getting sent to the principal's office) to getting real (biggest fear, worst injury).

For this edition of Loudwire's video series Off the Record, we checked in with Sleeping With Sirens singer Kellin Quinn and guitarist Jack Fowler and learned a little bit about their mischievous pursuits over the years.

Quinn reveals one of the dumbest things he's done for fun was to break into a Putt-Putt golf course in Florida with Pierce the Veil, but it wasn't to improve their strokes. "There were many alligators swimming in the pond, and I was grabbing one of their little tails while they were trying to swim away," recalls Quinn. "That was pretty stupid cause it could've turned around and bit me." Surprisingly, the singer reveals that a hybrid animal of sorts is actually his biggest fear.

The singer also reveals another incident of hijinks that left them in a bad way for a few days. "One time we were on tour with Confide, but they had this padlock, and we had this van that was like a prison van before it was ours, and it had this lock outside the door to get in, so they padlocked it and they took the keys and put it inside a claw machine and they took a picture of it at a random Walmart," says Quinn. "We went there and spent like $20, cause it was sitting on top of a Kermit the Frog doll. We couldn't get it out, so we had to get bolt cutters. We had to go through the front of the van for a couple of days." A special guest in this edition of Off the Record confirms the story to be true, as you can see in the video above.

And yes, Kellin and Jack also share a few cringeworthy injury stories, with Kellin telling a horrifying story of being a little too active following a vasectomy and Jack sharing a gruesome injury. "I was jumping up and down onstage with them and I blew my knee out," says Fowler. "It was just hanging off to the side kind of."

Check out more of our non-musical questions with Sleeping With Sirens in this edition of Off the Record above, and be sure to pick up the band's How It Feels to Be Lost album, out now. Sleeping With Sirens can be found on tour at these stops.

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