It's been noted that How It Feels to Be Lost finds Sleeping With Sirens embracing their heavier side, but as we saw during a recent mini-set at Loudwire's studios, a great song will translate no matter if it's full blast hitting you in the face or if it's stripped back to the basics.

Sleeping With Sirens dropped by Loudwire's New York studios to play a three song mini-set consisting of tracks from their newly released (as of today, Sept. 6) studio album, How It Feels to Be Lost. Singer Kellin Quinn gets things started by introducing the more upbeat track "Agree to Disagree," stating, "It's about being unapologetic for being who you are. Don't let anyone take that away from you."

Pulling things back a bit, the band delivers a moving performance of the more somber, mid-tempo track "Ghost." Quinn jokes of the intimate performance surroundings, "We're in Jack Fowler's bedroom."

Finishing out this three song set is the track that kicked off the promotion for their new album, the lead single "Leave It All Behind." Be sure to check out the video of the performances above, catching the songs in a different format than how they may be performed live.

Speaking of which, Sleeping With Sirens are currently promoting How It Feels to Be Lost on tour. Check out all their scheduled dates and find out how you can place your orders for the new album at the band's website.

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