Now that the long wait for Slipknot's fifth studio album, '.5: The Gray Chapter,' is over, we've got 14 new cuts to blast. With Slipknot buzz at an all-time high, it's the perfect time to offer a career retrospective. In a new collaboration with Google Play, Slipknot have released 'Audiobiography,' a new documentary that gets extremely personal.

Slipknot's career has spanned nearly 20 years, with five albums, nine classic members and the death of bassist Paul Gray painting the picture. In the 26-minute 'Audiobiography' feature, vocalist Corey Taylor, guitarists Mick Thomson and Jim Root, percussionists Chris Fehn and Shawn 'Clown' Crahan and DJ Sid Wilson address almost everything one could ask for.

Album by album, the Slipknot members delve into exactly what was going on both personally and professionally. The band members talk about subjects such as working with producer Ross Robinson for Slipknot's self-titled album and how Robinson was able to bring out the act's disgusting trademark sound.

'Iowa' is described by the band members as one of their greatest and heaviest accomplishments, while 'Vol. 3: (The Subliminal Verses)' is recognized as somewhat of a turning point. The men behind the masks speak about the somewhat clairvoyant aspect of naming their fourth album 'All Hope is Gone' shortly before Paul Gray died, but bring it back to a positive, sharing a united glow as '.5: The Gray Chapter' acts as the short film's final subject.

One of the biggest highlights of Slipknot's 'Audiobiography' comes in the form of Shawn Crahan sharing the significance behind his multiple clown masks created for each album cycle. Crahan adds another highlight just as '.5: The Gray Chapter' is introduced, giving us the line, "You have your whole life to make your first record. What I learned on our fifth is that you have the rest of your life to do it again."

Watch Slipknot's 'Audiobiography' in the video above and pick up '.5: The Gray Chapter' via Amazon or iTunes.

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