What will Slipknot’s new masks look like? Following the biggest YouTube song debut in the band’s history with “All Out Life,” Slipknot could be looking at a gigantic boost, and the masks will define the visuals of this exciting time.

Slipknot percussionist Shawn ‘Clown’ Crahan recently gave an interview to Kerrang, discussing his recent weight loss, nearly being 50 years old and all things 'Knot. Crahan also talked about teasing Slipknot’s new masks, photographing them in plastic bags and posting the image to Instagram.

“I posted a photo on Instagram of my children, but they had garbage bags over their heads so you couldn’t see them,” Clown says, referring to the masks. “They’re doing good – they’ve had their hair sewn on now, and both hair is the same, which is interesting. My wife doesn’t like the new masks – I’ll just let the whole world know that. She’s not feeling it at all. [laughs] But when I sewed the hair on, she liked it better.”

Clown continues, "My wife is like everybody else and likes the brilliant idea of 1998 Slipknot: in your face, fuck you, middle finger pressed up against your forehead, ‘We are the ’Knot, we do what we want when we want.’ She’s stuck in that. I get it all day: ‘You gonna wear the red coveralls?’ ‘I don’t know, I have no idea!'"

As for his own peace of mind, Crahan addresses the changes within himself, and therefore, the Clown character. “The old me would feel like you’re trying to say that I’ve gone soft! But the new me is kinda like, ‘You can think what you want.’ And I also know that now I prefer to be softer. There’s a time and a place for everything. But no-one needs to feel the way I feel. I’ve been severely depressed with my anger, and my inability to feel, and to not be able to process life’s curveballs. It would really hurt me to think that there was a Clown 20 years ago that wasn’t hoping for peace for himself.”

Slipknot are currently in the studio working on their sixth studio album. Corey Taylor recently resumed his vocal work, posting a photo laying down tracks in the booth.

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