Corey Taylor's 9-year-old son Griffin has what his father tells Loudwire is "an incredible ear for singing," but don't look for him on a stage or in a recording studio anytime soon.

"He already has the bravado," said Taylor with a laugh when asked if his son might front his own bands someday. "It is pretty crazy. He wants to be an adventurer. That's what he tells me. He runs around the house singing and writing songs. But he says he doesn't want to do anything in music. We'll see when he gets a little older."

However,  the frontman of both Slipknot and Stone Sour insists he's definitely not a stage dad. In fact, he says a different career path than music would be a likely be a positive thing.

"I'm honestly not trying to push him away from music but I almost want him to do something else. I never, ever want him to suffer in my shadow. I never want him to be in a position where he's constantly compared to me," explains Taylor. "And it's not that I am so full of myself. It's because I have seen it through the years with everyone from Zowie Bowie to Frank Sinatra Jr. They live in [their fathers'] shadows, and I don't want him to go through that. I want him to be his own man and create something for himself."

Still, if the young Taylor does someday decide to rock, expect his father to be his No. 1 fan.

"You know me," said Taylor with a grin. " If he does get into music I'll be cheesed to death. I'll be like 'YES !!!' front row center every show. I'll get up and play piano with him."

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