When Slipknot were ready to introduce the world to .5: The Gray Chapter, the first track released was "The Negative One." The blazing track energized Slipknot fans into a frenzy, but it also birthed a few rumors about its content.

"The Negative One" was also the first track released by Slipknot following the departure of drummer Joey Jordison, whose number in the band was 1. Fans quickly began trading theories on whether Jordison was in fact "The Negative One," but Corey Taylor put a stop to the rumors. "There's a handful of people who have original ideas and then there are a million people who will pick up that original idea and just copy and paste it," Taylor says in our exclusive clip above. "A lot of people aren't brave enough to have their own opinion."

Strangely enough, "The Negative One" turned out to be influenced by yet another former Slipknot member, Paul Gray, who passed away in 2010. Many emotions came with Paul Gray's death, and Taylor explained to us that he put some of his struggle of coming to grips with Gray's passing into "The Negative One."

Check it out for yourself in the clip above!

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