The man you know best as DJ #0 (or DJ Starscream, DJ Moonboots or Ratboy) in the masked rock 'n' roll collective Slipknot has gone solo. Others know him by the name Sid Wilson and that's the one he's chosen to release his solo disc, a 13-track affair that hit Internet retailers iTunes and Amazon this week.

Simply titled 'Sid,' the album was written, produced, engineered and recorded by Wilson himself. Industry vet Ross Robinson (known for his work with Slipknot and others) and Tobias Lindell handled mastering duties, while Chris Gehringer (who has worked with pop stars like Drake and Rihanna) mixed the disc.

Opening track 'Paul' features audio from an interview with late Slipknot bassist Paul Gray, talking about Wilson before Gray's tragic death from a drug overdose in 2001. The following song, 'Flat Lace,' is a tune Wilson wrote about his fallen compatriot Gray five years prior to his death. The first single is a track titled 'Nervous Central' and can be previewed along with clips of several other cuts here.

Wilson, the youngest member of Slipknot, normally handles the turntables when he's playing live, but on Slipknot albums he has been known to lay his fingers on some piano or keyboards on occasion. 'Sid' expands that virtuosity greatly, as he sings, lays down beats and maybe even plucks a guitar or two. But the main focus of the album is his rapping, letting Slipknot fans finally know that the man behind the decks can also drop a smooth rhyme.