… And the creepiness keeps coming. Slipknot have kicked off the week by revealing the fourth teaser video in advance of new album news. The band is officially referring to the clips as "album teasers" now, meaning that the odd visuals are expected to pay off with the revelation of new album details.

In the latest brief teaser clip (above), it's a series of quick hitting shots -- a close-up of a woman's bloody mouth, bloody animal fur, a close-up of a woman with charcoal black face paint, a person kneeling in a darkened candlelit room and much more.

Meanwhile, the band has offered another video still via their Facebook page. This one features a close-up of the charcoal black woman as she grips her breast while sweat covers her body. This shot has been captioned with the title, "Egrigious/Replete With/These Lesions." Check it out below:


Frontman Corey Taylor recently revealed that the Slipknot album was "98 percent" done. That combined with the fact that the band is rolling out the teaser videos means we should have some news on that long-awaited new album soon.

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