Slipknot have been playing a man down on the Mayhem Tour, but are now back at full strength after guitarist Jim Root rejoined them onstage Friday (July 13) in Tampa.

The group is happy to have Root back, but even more thankful that everything turned out okay. The guitarist had been under the weather in the days leading up to the tour and it was later discovered that he had a burst appendix that needed immediate treatment. Had Root skipped out on the treatment, it could have been a life-threatening situation.

The band has been playing with Mick Thomson handling a majority of the guitar work in Root's absence.

There's no doubt the Slipknot lay it all on the line with the amount of energy they put out in their shows. Earlier this week, singer Corey Taylor passed out during a performance in Dallas, but the fainting episode came toward the end of the show and did not deter him from playing the next show.

Watch Fan-Shot Video of Jim Root's Return to Slipknot in Tampa