After roughly two million votes cast throughout our Greatest Metal Drummer tournament, a winner has finally been chosen by fans all over the world! We started out with 32 of metal's most legendary and influential drummers, but when it came down to the championship round, Slipknot / Scar the Martyr stickman Joey Jordison was voted Greatest Metal Drummer.

Joey Jordison started out strong on our bracket by defeating Nile drumming master George Kollias. After slaying the technical beast, Jordison beat Meshuggah's Tomas Haake before scoring an incredibly impressive victory over Tool's Danny Carey, who was a competition favorite from the get-go.

Jordison moved on to the semifinals where he took on legendary Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo, defeating the thrash legend in a close battle which saw several lead changes. Finally, when pitted against Pantera's Vinnie Paul, Slipknot's masked man behind the kit emerged victorious, earning himself the title of Greatest Metal Drummer!

Congratulations to Joey Jordison and his massive legion of fans. Now that we've concluded out Greatest Metal Drummer and Greatest Metal Guitarist competitions, half of our Greatest Metal Supergroup is formed, with the late 'Dimebag' Darrell Abbott on guitar and Slipknot's Joey Jordison on drums. Tune in next week to begin voting for the Greatest Metal Bassist!

Joey Jordison Drum Solo:

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