Slipknot singer Corey Taylor said the group still doesn't know exactly how a barricade broke during last year's Knotfest Meets Forcefest in Mexico City. The security issue caused both Slipknot and Evanescence to cancel their performances, and some angry concertgoers ultimately rioted.

The musician spoke about the incident this week in an interview ahead of the band's Feb. 9 performance at Munich's Olympiahalle. Slipknot are currently crisscrossing Europe with support from Behemoth. Looking back on the 2019 incident in Mexico, however, Taylor explained that the band remains somewhat unaware.

"We still don't know what happened," Taylor told Rock Antenne, as transcribed by Blabbermouth. "We still don't know why it was compromised, because our security team walks that all day long to make sure everything is in place. And it was compromised in a way that someone had to have done it. But we don't know who, so, obviously, we can't point fingers or whatnot. But there was no way that we were gonna put our fans at risk, the security team at risk, and Evanescence at risk, because they were going on."

The Slipknot vocalist also recalled the ill-fated attempt that was made to re-secure the barrier. Evidently, local security forces tried to rebuild the compromised barricade with several commercial bike racks.

"It was fucking insane," Taylor continued. "They were trying to wire bike racks to this thing. You go hold 25,000 people back with some bike racks. Are you fucking shitting me? Our production manager [and] our security team took a look at it and said, 'I cannot sign off on this' — for the public's safety."

At the time, Slipknot shared a statement on the festival's website that explained that because of the "broken barricade and failed attempts to fix it, Slipknot were forced to cancel our performance last night. Safety — especially the safety of our fans and fellow bands — is priority number one."

It wasn't only concertgoers that were disappointed with the situation. After some attendees responded by setting a fire on the Knotfest stage, Evanescence drummer Will Hunt eventually replied by taunting the rioters. "Do you even riot bruh?" he asked in an Instagram post detailing the destruction.

Slipknot's Corey Taylor Talks to Rock Antenne - Feb. 9, 2020

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