At two separate Knotfest Australia shows, Slipknot had to pause their set due to fans climbing speaker towers.

On March 24 in Melbourne, one fan was seated atop the speaker tower for several songs before festival authorities halted the band's headlining performance, directing the fan to descend the tower in order for the show to continue.

In one fan-filmed video seen toward the bottom of the page, a fan had already scaled the tower by the time Slipknot launched into the sixth song of the night, "The Dying Song (Time to Sing)," which comes off last year's The End, So Far album.

The video captures some song performance before fading to a later moment where the crowd chants at the daredevil fan, eagerly awaiting the continuation of the Slipknot show.

It wasn't until the start of the ninth song of the set — "The Heretic Anthem" — that this fan was instructed to climb down as one figure said through the PA system, "Hi Knotfest, we've stopped the show because there's people up in the air. Anybody that's up in a tower needs to get down or the show will not commence until you're down."

Once the fan's feet hit the ground as he was surrounded by security guards, the figure mentioned, "Okay, let's make sure we don't do that again. The show will commence."

Frontman Corey Taylor then addressed the crowd, "I can't take you crazy motherfuckers anywhere man, Jesus Christ! Got you climbing on shit, jumping off shit, rolling on shit — what the fuck?! That's fine, I can't stay mad at you. This is by far one of my favorite fucking countries in the entire fucking world. I mean that. You guys helped put us where we are and we have never forgotten that, god damn it, so thank you so fucking much."

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Two days later (March 26), at Knotfest Australia in Brisbane, another fan scaled a tower during "Psychosocial," resulting in another temporary pause of their performance (as noted by Footage of this incident has yet to surface, however.

So, for now, watch this wild moment in the pair of fan-shot videos below.

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Fan Climbs Speaker Tower During Slipknot's Knotfest Australia (Melbourne) Set

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