While onstage with Slipknot at a Knotfest Australia show, frontman Corey Taylor had a bit of cheeky fun donning a colorful bucket hat for a short while.

Taylor's wife Alicia, who performs in the variety show/dance troupe Cherry Bombs, shared a video clip on Twitter, joking that everyone in the band should wear hats.

Visually, it creates quite the contrast from the overwhelming aggression and aura of violence that comes with putting on a Slipknot show, demonstrating the age old principle of taking your music seriously, but perhaps not taking yourself quite as seriously. Besides, what's wrong with a bit of levity?

Watch the clip directly below.

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Slipknot just wrapped up three Knotfest Australia performances, having hit the stage in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane with Knotfest Japan up next on April 1 and 2 as the group's globetrotting festival continues.

It's going to be a busy year for Taylor, who will split his time between Slipknot and his solo band. There's a chance fans will be treated to new Slipknot and new Corey Taylor albums this year as speculation around the long-awaited release of 'Knot's Look Outside Your Window intensifies and we already know for certain that the successor to Taylor's first solo record, CMFT, is on the way.

Earlier this year, Slipknot debuted a new song called "Bone Church," which was stylistically quite different from what many expect from the band, leaning closer toward ambient lounge music than anything defiantly rock or metal. It isn't know if this track is off Look Outside Your Window but it is known that Taylor would prefer that the album never gets released.

See all of Slipknot's upcoming tour dates here and, for tickets, head to this location.

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