Slipknot's Sid Wilson is back with a new solo album (Sexcapades of the Hopeless Robotic) and the continuation of a visual story that began with his previous video, "†He©U®e" ("The Cure"). This latest clip follows Sid's futuristic adventure after "The Cure" saw him attempting to save the human race from their bleak future with less than optimal results. The new clip is titled'†h∑ £ø√∑ ¡N∫¡D∑'("The Love Inside") and it picks up the story.

Wilson says, "Our hero now finds himself hurling thru the Universe in a spacecraft constructed from studio equipment and Earth vehicles. Finally starting to feel like he has found peace amongst the stars, he’s cruising the Galaxies in his beat making vessel pulling inspiration from the unknown and decides to try the interdimensional drive and forgetting to calculate the proper mineral balance injections for his body to withstand the jump, he blacks out. Upon waking, he will truly discover '†h∑ £ø√∑ ¡N∫¡D∑.'" Watch the video above. (The music begins at about the 2:57 mark)

The new SID solo album ∫∑x©∆p∆D∑∫ øƒ †h3 høP∑£3∫∫ ®øbø†¡¢ is currently available and those who like '†h∑ £ø√∑ ¡N∫¡D∑' can check out the new song here.

Like a few other members of Slipknot, Wilson is taking this break in the action to release new solo music. However, the band has begun writing toward their next disc. Corey Taylor revealed that the band was in the "demo stages," but did call what had been worked on "Iowa levels of heavy." They are looking to release the album in 2019, which is the 20th anniversary of the group's first album.

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