Want to have sex like a rock star? Playboy have rounded up some of today's biggest rock and metal musicians to offer advice and help you have more fun between the sheets. In the new article, rockers from Slayer, Slipknot, Volbeat and many others reveal their own pick-up strategies along with must-read stories from the road.

Musicians and willing groupies have gravitated towards each other for centuries. Before women were screaming for Elvis Presley and the Beatles, Romantic-era composer Franz Liszt acquired enough groupies to make Motley Crue jealous.

In this new Playboy article, Volbeat guitarist Rob Caggiano offers some advice about being yourself. “You have to be confident and secure with yourself before any lady can feel confident and secure in your company," says Caggiano. "Just be cool...be real. Put conviction behind your words and make them count. Make her laugh and have fun. There is no formula and there are no rules.”

Slipknot DJ Sid Wilson is also featured in the piece. "Traveling allows little time to spend with an individual from a city you don't live in or don't visit unless you’re on tour, so coming into it, both parties are usually aware that this may be a one-night stand," Wilson explains. "People looking for this will attend these events looking for that or at least being in the environment to feel like they are fulfilling a fantasy.”

The article's greatest moment, however, comes from Slayer guitarist Kerry King, who recalled an uncomfortable situation involving frontman Tom Araya. “In the ’80s I found a lady to take back to my room, and when we got to my room she told me that she didn't want to make a porno with me,” King shares. “I had no idea what she was talking about and we went back and forth for a few minutes. Finally, I looked around the room and saw Tom [Araya], my singer, with his video camera rolling! That was pretty much the end of the sexcapade.”

Nice try, Tom! For more on how to have sex like a rockstar, head over to Playboy.com.