We know Slipknot have been in the studio in recent months working on a new album, but has the band finally broken their social media silence? For months, the group's website and social pages had gone black, but all of a sudden there are quick-hitting images suggesting some new information is coming.

Most of the imagery features a hard-driving sound with no lyrics while some creepy imagery of a young woman flashes upon the screen. While it's hard to make much of anything from the snippets of visuals, the band apparently put up a brief teaser trailer only to take it down shortly afterward. However, one fan was quick on the draw and managed to snag the trailer and post it on YouTube. But that clip has since been taken down, too.

In the trailer, which we were able to watch before it was removed, a few percussive sounds opened the clip, followed by a building guitar lick. Meanwhile, the visuals show the woman in darkness hiding her face from view, then at a distance as she dons a white dress and finally there's a close up of a bloody mouth before the clip quickly cuts out. The visuals can be seen in the Tweet from the band below:


In addition, Slipknot has posted a pair of images from the trailer on their Facebook page. The shots can be seen below.


Stay tuned to see what the big reveal is. Meanwhile, head over to Slipknot's website to get freaked out. Be patient if you just see a black screen. The clips will come!

See Slipknot Unmasked: