Rejoice, Slipknot fans! The masked group has enjoyed quite the run since releasing the chart-topping .5: The Gray Chapter in 2014. The timeline between the record and its predecessor, 2008's All Hope Is Gone, was marked with both tragedy and new members, ultimately causing such a long delay. It doesn't appear that fans will have to endure another six year stretch between albums as Shawn 'Clown' Crahan has revealed the writing for the next disc will begin soon.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Clown discussed directing his first feature film, Officer Downe, but turned his attention to Slipknot for a brief yet crucial moment. The percussionist stated that he and guitarist Jim Root will team up in early February of 2017 to begin working on new Slipknot material "because we want to write." No timetable was given as to when Slipknot will actually enter the studio to work on the successor to .5: The Gray Chapter, as vocalist Corey Taylor is set to concentrate on his other band, Stone Sour, in 2017.

This will mark the second album for the band's newest members, drummer Jay Weinberg who replaced the ousted Joey Jordison and bassist Alessandro Venturella who was tapped to replace the late Paul Gray.

When speaking about Slipknot's growth and the effect the band has had on their fans, Clown told Full Metal Jackie, "I used to talk to 10-year-olds in 1999, I talked to 10-year-olds in 2000. I talked to 10-year-olds in 2016. So, the crowd hasn’t changed at all. No one has changed. The older crowd has gotten older, and they’re still around but there’s a whole new crowd. There’s a whole new 10-year-olds and 14-year-olds coming to our shows. Just like in 1999, just like 2000, just like 2001 and so on and so forth. That’s what Slipknot is about. We’re a culture, we’re not really a band anymore. I say that all the time. I know people are sick of it, but that’s just the truth — we’re a culture."

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