Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan has continued his non-stop press tour with interviews with 'CBS This Morning,' the Chicago Tribune and Sound Magazine recently. Out of the three sit-downs, plenty of riveting news and quotes was offered by Corgan, such as the possibility of writing a triple album, the current state of rock music and much more.

During Corgan's appearance on CBS 'This Morning,' the frontman responded to praise from fans regarding Corgan's newest album, 'Oceania,' and the belief that the frontman seems creatively rejuvenated. "I think America is obsessed with what I call 'the peak moment,' says Corgan, but as an artist I'm invested in the journey, and when I study other artists, I'm just as interested in the fallow times as I am interested in the great times."

Corgan went on to reference the works of artist Pablo Picasso to represent the timeline of the Smashing Pumpkins. "There are some horrible paintings in there, but you can learn a lot from the horrible paintings because, 'What was he trying to express that he wasn't able to?'"

During Corgan's Sound Magazine interview, the musician flirted with the idea of creating a triple album. “Actually we’ve talked about making a triple album, not with this current album, but the next one. We started talking about what that would mean. I would like to do another big work but that just takes so much energy and commitment. It just takes over your life”

Finally, Corgan voiced his opinion of today's rock world during his chat with the Chicago Tribune. “I do believe rock and roll needed to change away from a hero-worship culture back to what it always was, which is sort of a mystical culture," explains Corgan. "But that has been subverted basically by commerce. It speaks to a bigger sociological point, which is: Everything is for sale now. One painter can paint a house and make it feel haunted and another painter can paint it and bore you to tears. So, what is it about the painter of the haunted house capturing the symbolic forms? That’s how I look at it.”

The Smashing Pumpkins are finishing up their 2012 U.S. tour dates tonight (Dec. 10) at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, N.Y.

Billy Corgan on CBS 'This Morning'

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